The 5 best Chinese restaurants in Frankfurt

Chinese cuisine is one of the trickiest yet addictive cuisines in the world. Once you get used to Chinese food you will have it weekly or even daily. In Frankfurt, we may not have a great variety of Chinese restaurants but in this list, we have one of the best Chinese restaurants that can be found in the city. 


Best Chinese food in Frankfurt


  • Höfchen


Höfchen is one of those most popular restaurants in Frankfurt. People usually visit it for its ancient Chinese décor and authentic food. The food can burn your tastebuds as it’s recommended for spicy food lovers Escorts but due to the popularity of the restaurant, they have reduced the spices and kept it as per the German tastebuds. As the ambiance and décor are some of the reasons that made this place popular we can notice that from the prices of the dishes. Höfchen is considered as one of the most expensive Chinese restaurants in the country but with the most welcoming chefs and waiters as their hospitality is what makes people revisit them. 



  • Pak choi


They say never judge a book by its cover and this goes with Pak choi. This little cafeteria type restaurant may seem nothing but the reality is that it has the most authentic and tasty Chinese food and that also in less price. Their noodles are the best homemade noodles used and they have a secret chef recipe of dumplings that make them the best stop for many people. This place stays crowded all the time and people enjoy getting their food takeaway and eating it with friends and family. They offer moosho pancakes that are the kids’ favorite ones as not only do elders line up but kids also stand in a queue to get their perfect moshoo pancakes. Take a visit with Chinese Escort in Frankfurt 



  • China Yung 


Located at the heart of Frankfurt this pretty little restaurant has one of the most peaceful décors. If you are exhausted and want to dine in at a place for its calm and soothing ambiance along with the best serene music this is the perfect spot for it. Prices at China Yung are quite reasonable neither too expensive nor too cheap and they specialize in the best seafood and Dim-sum recipes. Usually, China Yung’s customers are those people who want to enjoy their dinner night at a cozy yet calm place with friends and family and not too much noise. This place stands out among all the restaurants as the presentation of the food at China Yung is of a five-star restaurant.  You can see that the chef works efficiently and happily to present the plate artistically. As peaceful as we can see the décor is, the personality of their staff is similar to it. Many reviews have proven that they have the calmest and professional staff. You can make perfect dinner date here with your Asian escort Frankfurt


  • Dim sum Haus

      As we can see that this restaurant has the main dish as          Dim sum and as this dish is one of the most favorite ones of everybody they have added many other specialties too. Xiao Long bao is one of the famous soups of this restaurant as people find its taste the best and authentic one. They also provide a unique idea of a bowl meal. One small bowl that has a variety of food like the sesame chili dry, fried rice, mixed veggies, and spring rolls. The chef is trained directly from Beijing making his noodles the best hone made noodles in the town. You may need a reservation to come and eat at the restaurant but that would be for your convenience as people tend to wait for hours and days. 



  • Chono


Chonjo has received a Michelin star for its amazing food quality that has stayed the same for years. Each food presented by the waiter explained that it had a historical value and the waiter elaborates about it. Considering their customer service as one of the best in the town the prices are quite expensive but worth it. People tend to go to Chonjo for their celebrations as the food is one of the kind. The whole place is filled with ancients Chinese drawings and artistic pieces that make the customer feel like they have arrived in China. 


These are the 5 top restaurants in Frankfurt that would make you crave Chinese food more than before. So if you are looking for a good dinner night you need to book your slots and try the best Chinese food we have suggested. Living in a European country and trying the best Chinese food at it can be a risk as not everyone can make the authentic Chinese food but once you try all these restaurants for the first time you will visit them again and again. 

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