Fridays for Future and Verdi Join Forces in Frankfurt Protest

Climate activists from Fridays for Future (FFF) and members of the Verdi union have united once again to stage a protest in Frankfurt. The ongoing nationwide strike week in public transport, initiated by Verdi, has brought both groups together to advocate for their shared goals.

Verdi’s Strike Week

Verdi’s strike week in public transport began on Monday and is set to continue until Saturday. However, Friday holds particular significance as it serves as the main strike day. On this day, both Verdi and Fridays for Future activists will take to the streets in Frankfurt to voice their concerns.

Demonstration Details:

In coordination with the strike, a demonstration organized by FFF will kick off at 12 p.m. on Römerberg. The route will take participants across Untermainbrücke and Alte Brücke before concluding back at Römer. The precise route is as follows: Römer – Römerberg – Fahrtor – Mainkai – Untermainkai – Untermainbrücke – Schaumainkai – Sachsenhäuser Ufer – Alte Brücke – Kurt-Schumacher-Straße – Battonstraße – Berliner Straße – Paulsplatz-Römer.

FFF’s Call to Action:

Leon from FFF Frankfurt stresses the need to combine industrial action with climate action. He highlights the challenges within the public transport sector, including staff shortages and trip cancellations. FFF Frankfurt calls for improved working conditions and a shift towards eco-friendly transportation solutions.

Demands for Public Transport:

FFF Frankfurt advocates for a significant increase in public transport funding, aiming for 16 billion euros in annual investments by 2030. Additionally, the group plans a “swarming” event at Bockenheimer Warte to support the strike by public transport workers through short-term road blockades.

Alliance between FFF and Verdi:

The collaboration between the climate protection movement and the Verdi union dates back to March 2023. At that time, approximately 5,000 individuals participated in a demonstration, marking the beginning of their alliance.


As Verdi’s strike week continues, the joint efforts of Fridays for Future and the union in Frankfurt underscore the importance of collective action in addressing pressing issues within public transport and advancing the cause of climate protection.

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