German public transport workers hold strike over pay on Thursday

Hesse, a region known for its rich history and vibrant communities, is currently grappling with a significant challenge – a public transport strike that has disrupted the daily lives of its residents. The consequences of such strikes are far-reaching, impacting not only the workforce but also the general public who rely on these services for their day-to-day commutes


People in Hesse might have to wait longer or have their trips canceled because the Verdi union is going on strike in local transportation. In Frankfurt, it is likely that the subways and trams will have problems. Kassel might come to a stop because of a danger.


People taking public transport in Hesse should be ready for some cancellations on Friday. The Verdi union asked workers to go on a short strike to show their dissatisfaction.


Verdi Hesse said that Kassel, Wiesbaden, Frankfurt, and Offenbach were hit the hardest. Public bus, subway, and tram drivers are planning to go on strike.


The Frankfurt transport company, VGF, said on Tuesday that all subways and trams in Frankfurt will likely stop running. However, S-Bahn trains, regional trains, and city bus lines were not impacted by the strike on Friday. According to VGF, they can definitely be helpful in many different ways as an option. Buses can sometimes be really full.


In Kassel, the KVG buses and trains are not going to be running. The Kasseler Verkehrs-Gesellschaft said that there will be big limits. It’s not certain if the RegioTrams can go to the main station, but the trips in the city will definitely be canceled. The NVV’s buses on line 30 are running as scheduled and are not affected.


We don’t know yet if the bus transportation in Offenbach will be affected, according to the Rhine-Main Transport Association.


Strong impacts are expected on buses in Wiesbaden. “Riders should know that there will be no buses running on the ESWE Verkehr route network from early Friday morning until around 3 a. m” “On Tuesday, a company spokesperson said the event took place Saturday morning. “

We need to form a new pay group and work 35 hours a week.

Since Monday, the union and the Hesse Municipal Employers’ Association have been talking about the basic rules for about 8,000 people who work in local public transport. These rules are written in a document called the collective agreement. The wages in Hesse are not significantly higher. They were already talked about last spring.


Now, Verdi wants to get rid of the three lowest pay levels for drivers and office workers. New employees will start with the level 3 salary, which is currently about 200 euros higher, according to Verdi.


If you’ve worked here a while, the union wants to make a new pay group with higher wages, 4. 5% more than the current highest pay group. Critics say it doesn’t matter if someone has worked at the company for 15 years or 40 years.


Also, Verdi wants to be paid an extra month’s salary, work only 35 hours a week and still get paid the same amount, and have restrictions on splitting up the work hours. Work for a few hours and then take a break, but don’t work for more than eleven hours in total. Based on the request, there should be an extra charge of 30 euros for those shifts.

Strikes are happening in every state except Bavaria.

The union says that employees in local public transport are being asked to do more work because there aren’t enough staff. This is putting a lot of pressure on them. We need to find relief solutions fast.


The strike is also happening in all the other federal states except Bavaria. In Bavaria, they have been negotiating about wages at the same time as the strike. The negotiation process will impact more than 130 government-owned companies all over the country, and about 90,000 people who work for cities and local areas. Starting from January 1, 2024, there is no longer a rule to try to make peace in disagreements during bargaining.

The strike of the train drivers has just finished.

The German train drivers’ union ended their strike at Deutsche Bahn earlier than expected, on Monday. There is a rule to keep the peace there until March 3rd. However, there may still be disagreements between workers and their employers in local and regional transportation.

Train traffic is back to normal after the rail strike.

After the train drivers stopped working for a while, things at the railway are mostly back to normal now. The GDL doesn’t plan to go on strike again until March starts. Public transportation might have strikes soon.

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