Sex Scene and Prostitution

Prostitution is legal in Germany, as are brothels. In 2002, the government amended the law  to improve the legal situation for prostitutes. However,  social prejudice against prostitutes persists, and many prostitutes continue to lead  double lives. Authorities consider the frequent exploitation of women of Eastern European origin to be a major problem in the profession. 

German documentary filmmakers claim that the legalization of prostitution has turned the state capital Berlin into the world’s largest brothel. Sex trafficking laws were thoroughly liberalized by the German government in 2002, but a documentary called “Sex – Made in Germany” revealed that more than 1 million men pay for sex every day. It is estimated that they are paying . The film, based on a two-year investigation shot with hidden cameras, explores the world of Berlin’s “subscription” brothels, where customers can have as much sex as they want for 99 euros. 

The law was originally relaxed in hopes of providing some protection to prostitutes, who now have access to basics such as health insurance and benefits. But the legal changes have been criticized for more than a decade by people who say they have only made it easier for traffickers to force foreign girls into prostitution, according to the Guardian. 

It is estimated that about two-thirds of the country’s 400,000 sex workers come from abroad, but in 1999 only half of  prostitutes were from abroad. However, according to  the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA), the number of sex trafficking cases reported in Germany in 2011 was 636, down by one-third from a decade earlier. The importance of red-light districts has also increased significantly in Germany’s major cities. With around 3,500 brothels established  in Germany, the trade is now big business. 

According to the Ver.di union, sex trafficking in Germany generates more than 14 billion euros annually. Roshan Heiler, director of the consultation center at the Aachen branch of women’s rights organization Solwody, is surprised at how many men pay for sex because it’s so cheap and they won’t be prosecuted. do not have. Monica Lazare, from the Alliance 90/Green Party, told the Guardian: “Prostitution remains socially stigmatized, but this law strengthens the position of prostitutes and ensures protection for girls and men. “It’s helpful,” he said, defending the law. 

The specifics of prostitution vary by region, as state and local governments decide where and how brothels can operate. (Berlin is the only city without zoning restrictions.) In some places, city walkers line up near street vendors along the highway for a quick snack. In places like Saarbrücken, close to strict borders with countries like France, entrepreneurs are investing in huge brothels to cater to cross-border demand.

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Red Light District of Germany


Germany is a federal republic consisting of 16 federal states. Three of the federal states are actually city-states: Berlin, Bremen, and Hamburg. States can be roughly grouped geographically as shown below.


Northern Germany (Bremen, Hamburg, Hannover, Bielefeld, Rostock) 

Western Germany (Cologne, Düsseldorf, Dortmund, Essen, Bonn, Duisburg, Bochum) 

Central Germany (Frankfurt,Erfurt) 

Eastern Germany (Berlin, Dresden, Leipzig) 

Southern Germany (Munich, Stuttgart)

FKK Saunaclubs

Nudist sauna clubs are very popular in Germany (and also in Austria and Switzerland). Guests pay an entrance fee (between 50 and 150 euros), and with that money they receive several services. The most common services are solariums, sauna cabins, bars, infrared cabins, and showers. Most sauna clubs also offer erotic or sexual services, from porn movies to private sex with girls.


The most common FKK Sauna Clubs in Germany: 


FKK Saunaclub Artemis, Berlin 

FKK Saunaclub Acapulco, Velbert 

FKK Saunaclub Magnum, Düsseldorf 

FKK Saunaclub Oase, Friedrichsdorf-Burgholzhausen 

FKK Saunaclub Happy Garden, Tönisvorst 

FKK Saunaclub Das5Element, Eichenzell 

FKK Saunaclub Babylon, Hamburg

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