A red light district is a part of a city that has a high concentration of sexually oriented businesses such as prostitution, sex shops, strip clubs, and adult theaters. The term dates back to red lights that were used as signs in brothels. Many major cities around the world have areas that have an international reputation as red-light districts. Some red-light districts have tourist interests that go beyond sex tourism and are recognized as places of artistic, historical, or cultural interest, whether or not they currently engage in sex trafficking. I am.

Origins of term

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the term “red light district” first appeared in print in an 1894 article in the Sandusky Register, a newspaper in Sandusky, Ohio. Author Paul Wellman suggests that this term and other terms associated with the American West may have originated in Dodge City, Kansas, which was home to a famous 19th-century red light district that included the Saloon Red Light House. It suggests that there is. Although this has not been proven, the use of Dodge City may have contributed to the widespread use of the term. A common folk etymology holds that early railroad workers brought red lanterns with them when visiting brothels so crew members could find them in case of an emergency. However, folklorist Barbara Mickelson believes this is unfounded.

One of the many terms used to describe red light districts in Japanese is the Japanese red line red line, which literally means “red line.” (It has an independent origin from the English word redline.) Japanese police drew red lines on maps to mark the boundaries of legal red light districts. There is also a term in Japanese called “Japan Blue Line Blue Line”. This literally means “blue line” and indicates a non-legal area.

In the United States, the term sports district came to refer to legal red light districts during the 19th and early 20th centuries. Local governments typically explicitly define such districts to suppress and regulate prostitution.
There is disinformation that indicates that the red light in brothel bedrooms was used to hide the red spots of various venereal diseases on the skin of prostitutes and hide them from customers. The red light seen from outside through the curtains became known as a sign of activity inside.

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