Transforming Frankfurt’s Skyline: New High-Rise Marvels Unveiled for 2024

In a bid to reshape the iconic Frankfurt skyline, real estate powerhouse Groß & Partner is fervently working on a slew of ambitious high-rise projects set to grace the Main metropolis in 2024. Meet Nion, Kaia, and Four – not celebrity offspring, but the names defining Frankfurt’s architectural evolution this year. Groß & Partner, with a significant footprint in Frankfurt and the Rhine-Main area, is steering these transformative endeavors.

One notable achievement already under their belt is the delivery of the T4 office tower (100 meters) as part of the “Four” high-rise ensemble on the former Deutsche Bank site. November 2023 witnessed its handover to Union Investment, with Baker McKenzie Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH leading the way as the first tenant. The tower is already a vibrant hub, with 87 percent of its space rented. The expansive T1 office tower (233 meters) and the residential high-rise T3 (120 meters) are on track for substantial completion in 2024, welcoming their first residents. Looking ahead, the hotel and residential high-rise T2 (178 meters) are slated for completion in 2025.

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Culinary Oasis in the Sky: Four Frankfurt’s Food Hall

In a flavorful development, Groß & Partner recently announced that the Compass Group will operate the food hall in the T1 office tower of the “Four” project. Known for managing esteemed establishments like the “Maintower” star restaurant and “Chez Marie” café in the Marienturm, the Compass Group adds culinary expertise to the project. The food hall, set to span around 3,000 square meters, is envisioned as a gastronomic haven, featuring diverse concepts from sushi and tacos to gourmet cuisine. Bars, a delivery service, and even a cooking school are part of the gastronomic tapestry. Anticipated to be completed in the second half of 2025, it’s poised to become a vibrant food hotspot in the Rhine-Main area.

Future Giants on the Horizon: Nion and Kaia

Looking ahead, Groß & Partner has set its sights on two more landmark projects: “Nion” and “Kaia,” slated to kick off construction in 2024, subject to pre-letting rates. “Nion” promises to be a sustainability-centric office building over 100 meters high, positioned on Europa-Allee. The design emphasizes green outdoor areas seamlessly transitioning into interior spaces, adding both aesthetic and ecological value to the surroundings.

Meanwhile, the “Kaia” revitalization project is dedicated to the former Union Investment high-rise on Untermainkai. Sustainability takes center stage, with recycled materials like scrap aluminum and glass featuring prominently. The 21-story high-rise will retain its core structure, with two additional floors introduced for new office spaces. A new four-story atrium extension, designed to harmonize with the existing tower, completes the vision.

In addition to these projects, Groß & Partner is actively involved in the revitalization and repositioning of “160 Park View” in Frankfurt’s Westend, collaborating with the RFR Group. With construction reaching new heights in the Ostend, the city of Frankfurt is gearing up to unveil its updated high-rise development plan in the first quarter of 2024. The stage is set for Frankfurt’s skyline to evolve, symbolizing a dynamic fusion of architectural innovation and sustainable urban development.

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