U4 and U5 Services Suspended for Three Weeks over Easter Holidays

From March 23rd to April 15th, commuters in Frankfurt will face disruptions to their travel plans as the U4 and U5 subway lines will be temporarily canceled. The reason behind this inconvenience is a digitalization initiative undertaken by the Frankfurt transport company VGF.

Reason for Suspension

During the Easter holidays, residents and visitors in Frankfurt will experience limitations in local public transport. Specifically, the U4 and U5 lines will cease operations from Saturday, March 23rd, around 4 a.m. until Monday, April 15th, around 3 a.m. This suspension is necessary to install cables associated with the Digital Train Control System Frankfurt (DTC), a project aimed at enhancing the punctuality and frequency of subway services in the future.

Additional Works

In addition to the DTC project, the VGF will utilize this downtime to conduct various other maintenance tasks. These include track and contact wire adjustments, tunnel lighting enhancements, cable installations, fire alarm system updates, as well as cosmetic repairs within subway stations. Furthermore, significant work is planned for the above-ground U5 route, particularly between Scheffeleck and Preungesheim, involving track and overhead line refurbishments.

Service Alternatives

With both U4 and U5 lines out of service, alternative transportation options will be provided. To substitute for the U4 line, a special tram service numbered 10 will operate along the affected route, running from the zoo to Westbahnhof via Bornheim Mitte, Konstablerwache, Cathedral/Römer, and the main station. Meanwhile, the U5 line will be replaced by rail replacement buses, connecting Preungesheim and Konstablerwache, with stops at intermediate U5 stations. However, due to route diversions, certain stations like Glauburgstrasse and Musterschule will not be directly served, necessitating temporary stops at designated locations on Friedberger Landstrasse.


While the temporary suspension of U4 and U5 services may inconvenience commuters during the Easter holidays, it is essential for the implementation of vital infrastructure improvements. The VGF assures passengers that these disruptions will lead to more efficient and reliable subway operations in the future.

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