Unity in Action: Frankfurt’s Stand for Democracy Sparks Transport Adjustments

In a bid to safeguard democracy, a diverse coalition comprising political, business, and civil society leaders is rallying on Monday at Frankfurt’s iconic Römerberg. This collective action, themed “Frankfurt Stands Up for Democracy,” is slated for 5 p.m. on February 5th, with the objective of championing a liberal, fair, open, and socially inclusive society. Noteworthy figures such as Mayor Mike Josef and journalist Michel Friedman are slated to address the gathering.


An essential update for locals: the public transport landscape will witness rerouting on Monday due to the demonstration. The “Old Town Route” of the tram on Braubachstrasse and the Dom/Römer subway station will be temporarily closed between 4 and 7 p.m. Tram lines 11, 12, and 14 are set to take extensive detours via Sachsenhausen, leading to longer travel times between Hauptbahnhof or Stresemannallee/Gartenstraße and Allerheilentor stops.

Defending Democratic Values Amidst Growing Concerns

The rallying call emanates from concerns surrounding a clandestine meeting in Potsdam at the end of November 2023, where plans for the expulsion of millions of people from Germany were allegedly discussed. The coalition asserts that such actions not only infringe on the Basic Law but also pose a threat to democracy and the rule of law by undermining democratic institutions from within. The alliance firmly believes that any attacks on the Basic Law should not go unanswered.


Recent weeks have seen a groundswell of public activism across the country, with hundreds of thousands of individuals passionately advocating for democracy and human rights. This collective outcry reflects a societal readiness to robustly counter any assaults on democratic principles. The coalition emphasizes a fundamental democratic principle: the equality of all individuals before the law, asserting the right for everyone to live freely and independently.


This upcoming demonstration follows in the footsteps of a massive gathering organized by the KoalaKollektiv in mid-January, where 40,000 participants convened on the Römerberg. Notably, the Frankfurt branch of Fridays for Future has also voiced its concerns against right-wing pressures, emphasizing that these demonstrations are not isolated events. The alliance on Monday aims to collectively defend what is often taken for granted – the robustness of our democracy.

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